401(k) check

This service is provided for new retirement plans, existing accounts that haven’t been changed over time, or retirement plans that are performing poorly. The information that is required includes your age, years until retirement, risk tolerance, retirement plan choices, past statements, and all of the investments available through your retirement plan. The statement should have all identifying information including account number, social security number, and addresses blacked out (for security purposes). Your risk tolerance should be assessed as conservative, moderately conservative, moderate, moderately aggressive, or aggressive. If you do not know for sure, advice can be given based on age, desired retirement, and assets. Information should be e-mailed to 401k@morrowmoney.com. You will receive a recommended allocation within 48 hours of your payment and information being received. Recommendations include investments that should be used and what percentage should be allocated to each one.

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MorrowMoney Saver

In these tough times, every dollar counts. The economy is still recovering and it is just as important to cut costs as it is to invest wisely. You will receive a weekly personal finance tip via e-mail that could save you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars each year. Our estimates, though not guaranteed, are that a married couple with no children will usually save $2,000 on average. Savings go up with each additional family member in the household. Each financial situation is different, so not every tip will help every person, but the tips that do help can provide significant savings. The tip will be very specific and include phone numbers and websites to contact to execute the tip where appropriate. A morrowmoney.com monthly newsletter is also included for free with this service. You may cancel at any time and are billed by the month. See the February 2012 blog history of morrowmoney.com for an example of a tip.

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Morrow Money Saver Corporate

Corporations also need to cut expenses in this business climate. You will receive a weekly corporate finance tip via e-mail that could save a substantial amount of money each year. Every company is different so every tip won’t help every company, but the ones that do will result in major savings. The service is great for CFO’s, CPA’s, or managers of corporations. This service is $69.99 a month. Click here for more information.

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Best Products

This report is tailor-made if you are not sure which financial products are right for you. “Best Products” is the best consumer report on financial products in the United States. Mutual Funds and insurance products including life, disability, long-term care and variable annuities are analyzed and the best products are listed. The highest-rated investments will be chosen by our innovative selection process, and will be replaced if the selection falls out of favor. Additional features include a free monthly newsletter and news alerts on any changes in our mutual fund top picks. A mistake using an inferior mutual fund could cost you $50,000 or more over a 20 year time period. Purchasing an inferior insurance product could not only cost you money, but may result in not receiving important benefits you should have. Please note that these recommendations are based on the current quarter. An old product, especially old whole life insurance products, may be appropriate to maintain even if they are not currently in favor.

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Hourly Advice Appointments

Hourly Advice Appointments This service is appropriate for people who have pressing questions on a topic such as college savings but do not require a comprehensive financial plan. The service costs $249 an hour, billed by the whole hour, with a maximum two weeks’ wait for appointment from the date of payment. For an appointment within 48 hours, the fee is $400 an hour. You will be required to fill out a profile, a risk tolerance questionnaire, and have 3 questions submitted so as to better focus the time of your appointment.

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Flat Annual Financial Planning

This service includes a comprehensive financial plan covering all
aspects of your personal finances. Included are an income statement, a
cash flow statement, and a personal or corporate balance sheet.
Recommendations are made and financial projections are compared to the
current financial course. Data are analyzed to come up with strategies
and recommendations that are specifically tailored to your financial
situation. The goal is to empower you to make confident financial
decisions that will help you reach such goals as retirement, placing
children in college, asset protection, liability mitigation, and more.
The fee ranges from $1,500 to $50,000.  You will be required to fill out a detailed profile questionnaire. Inquire individually to info@morrowmoney.com

Financial Fraud/Security Service

This service may be appropriate if you are not confident about a financial advisor you have selected to work with or you suspect that something may be ”off” in your financial dealings. The range of possible inquiries runs from family, employees, advisors, and beyond. As with all services, confidentiality is strictly maintained. Inquire individually to info@morrowmoney.com