About Us

MorrowMoney.com is owned and operated by the Morrow family. It is a place where investors improve their investment portfolio performance, receive the best financial advice in the industry, and make money. The free part of the site includes the financial planning library, addressing numerous financial topics. There is also a forum in which you can post your specific questions and get answers weekly. Your questions will be answered by a CFP® with at least 10 years of industry experience. A CFP® is usually considered the highest designation that can be obtained by a financial advisor because of education requirements, rigorous testing, and industry experience that is necessary to obtain the designation. There is also a test of your current finances to help in assessing goals for the future.

The Best Products service is an inexpensive way to receive additional valuable financial advice and tailored investment recommendations. Through this service you can create a portfolio that is specifically tailored to your finances in minutes. The Best Products service includes top mutual fund suggestions at 1/10th the expense of using a financial advisor typically charging a 1% management fee or up front commissions of 5.75%. This service prescribes a general allocation of stocks, bonds, cash, and alternative investments. It then gives you information regarding one to three of the best mutual funds for each asset category from large cap growth, emerging markets stock, and short-term bonds. The historical performance of these funds compared to some of the most popular funds will be significant, and will have a track record of improved performance and reduced risk. Quarterly market updates and a personal finance tip that may make or save you $1,000′s of dollars are included. Recommendations are also given on other products including disability insurance, life insurance, annuities, and long-term care insurance. These product reviews are revisited quarterly, and changed if a particular product’s profile no longer warrants our recommendation. It is difficult to know if the financial products one is buying are of optimal value. This site allows you to make better decisions and avoid being misled by a bad or inexperienced advisor.

We do not accept compensation from the companies whose products we recommend. You are receiving unbiased advice on the best financial products available. Morrowmoney.com cannot guarantee that you will not lose money with recommended investments. Ups and downs are inevitable. MorrowMoney.com’s aim is to reduce your costs and improve investment performance in both bull and bear markets.